Online Registration

We encourage all parents to register online using the register button in the top right hand corner of the website.  If for some reason payment can not be made during registration we are giving a grace period to the second week of the session. We will need to have payment in full by the end of the session or the participant will not be given credit for the session. If membership is not paid for the year registration for session participation will not be allowed.

Clubs provided to participants will be registered and accounted for annually. If repairs or upgrades are needed the participant will be given the necessary repairs by the organization or our partner Tour Edge. In doing this we will be charging a Nominal Rental Fee per session of $25. This charge will be collected during the 1st Session of each new program year. Participants who own their own golf clubs will not be charged the fee.

2017 Fees

Membership Fee $100 Annually

Session Fee $80 per Session

Uniform Package $40

Golf Club Rental Fee $25.00 per Session (Sizing and Re-gripping)

Girl’s Golf Session Fee $80.00 (Only paid if not enrolled in a Life Skills course)

  • Participants are allowed to miss 1 session during a 6 week session and 2 sessions during a 8 week session.

*Attendance is vital for credit and advancement if a participant can not make their scheduled session they have the ability to go to another session during the week that they will be absent from their original session. (Saturday participants must go prior to the Saturday they will be absent)

If interested in registering and paying in person please contact the Office to inquire on availability.